This wonderful book by Kent Roberts shows how one derives strength and courage through faith in dealing with circumstances where all reason points toward despair and hopelessness. The book discusses Kent’s painful but ultimately victorious journey through one of the worst situations that a person can face in society – to be accused of a crime – and how faith sustained and counseled him through those difficult times. The Strength of a Free Mind is one of the most calming books I have read in a long time. I read it twice and find myself re-reading parts of it whenever I am distressed, unsure or upset.
– Prabhat Goyal, California

An absolutely incredible book by Kent Roberts! The self-examination, openness & meditations towards each phase of the rough journey was amazing. A very real look into the mind of those feeling the full weight of a somewhat broken US justice system — And a tour de force on how to not let in break you. Believe me, I know. I’ve walked in Kent’s shoes. Every person — & their families/friends — being indicted would benefit from this with a real time read. Heck, I’m benefitting, post rough ride. This gracious man reached-out to me during my turn in the wringer. An entirely unnecessary act, as we’d never met, but one I’ll always hold in high esteem. Proud to call him my friend!
– Jim Treacy, New Jersey

This book is more than a Christian homily. It is an accurate depiction, in a very tasteful and subtle way, of how our criminal justice system has lost its way. Rogue prosecutors out to further their political careers at an innocent family’s expense, government tampering of witnesses and evidence, and other practices which have become common, are depicted here. This is a must read for any thoughtful American.
– Dave Cary, Texas

A truly amazing book. For me personally the hardest part of a negative situation is being alone with my thoughts, those voices in my head. I think Kent does a great job of separating and identifying each “voice” and sharing his personal experience to channel so much negativity into a positive outlook. A set of skills we all need to find the strength to get back up after life knocks you down.
– Jeff Giovinazzo, New Jersey

I really enjoyed this book! The chapters were short and covered topics that can be useful to anyone just trying to navigate this life—you don’t have to be accused of anything. It can apply to many different aspects of dealing with people who act less than Christian toward you. What I really liked about it were the spiritual references and the Bible stories. I hadn’t looked at those stories of accused prophets and Jesus Christ with much analysis before, and I was enlightened as to the comfort and wisdom they offered.
– Carolyn Bennett, Idaho


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