About the Book

About the Book

I was the top lawyer of a large technology company. Over a weekend my employer fired me and publicly denounced me for what it called an “improper incident.” Ultimately, I was indicted by the US Department of Justice on seven counts of fraud and sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission. I potentially faced 140 years in prison and financial devastation for my family.

I was thrown into a bewildering new reality marked by confusion, embarrassment, isolation, anger, and fear. I needed help, more help than my lawyers could give me. Every day, events and emotions invited me to turn to self-pity and despair. These were not legal issues; they were issues of the spirit.

Where could I turn for help?

With millions of Americans involved in the criminal justice system on any given day, I thought that there would be guidebooks and manuals for dealing with the social, emotional, and spiritual problems of the accused. I looked everywhere. I found none. I began studying the experiences of others through conversation and by reading news accounts, history, fiction, and sacred literature. In my new circumstances, the Bible itself took on a different, very relevant meaning for me. For the first time, I really focused on the fact that Jesus and Paul, and, before them, Joseph, Moses, David, Elijah, Jeremiah, and John the Baptist had all been accused!

The Strength of a Free Mind emerged from what I saw, felt, and learned. This book is for the accused, and for anyone who has been mistreated, attacked, or excluded, from someone who has been there. Through these Meditations, there is one clear message: in your troubles, you are not alone.